What Did Wendy Chabert Pass Away From?

If you are a fan of Lacey Chabert, the well-known American actress, you might know about her famous sibling Wendy Chabert. Even though she was an important part of Lacey’s life, her death shocked many people.

Yes, you can find several resources about what did Wendy Chabert pass away from. It’s common as most people were shocked after getting her news. Wendy’s family was completely devasted after that.

There is much confusion regarding this issue. You can find different reasons on various websites. However, we are here to give you the best information. By reading this article, you can find out what happened with Wendy Chabert. Plus, we will also share some basic information in this article. So, let’s get started.

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About Wendy Chabert

What Did Wendy Chabert Pass Away From

According to many resources, Wendy Chabert was an influencer, model, and of course a celebrity sister. Most people know her as the sister of Lacey Chabert but she was also popular for her amazing personality. 

Wendy was born in October 1975. Her father was Tony Chabert, an oil agent and her mother was Julie Johnson. Chabert was raised in Purvis, Mississippi along with her siblings. Another resource stated that her family was living in Texas as well before they moved to New York where she used to attend Junior High School to study Performing Arts.

Besides Lacey, Wendy had two siblings; T.J Chabert and Chrissy Chabert. While Wendy and Lacey stayed in the limelight, T.J. and Chabert preferred staying away from the public. Besides her relationship with her siblings, Wendy had an interesting personal life. 

She was married to Shane Riggio, a well-known American YouTuber. They had two kids together. However, their marriage had some issues and Wendy filed a divorce in 2019. However, the case remained pending due to her sudden demise.

Wendy Chabert Career

As we noted before, Wendy Chabert was quite famous along with her sister. As their other siblings decided to stay away from the limelight, Wendy and Lacey always stayed in the headlines. As Lacey became a well-known actress, she always stated Wendy as her role model.

As per some resources, Wendy started her career as a model. However, she changed her career path after some time. Later, she started her social media journey and became a popular social media influencer with time. 

Soon, her Instagram account started growing with more than one million followers. Besides Instagram, she was quite active on other social media platforms including TikTok and Facebook. Wendy’s stunning personality and bright smile helped her become a successful social media influencer.

Interesting Facts About Wendy Chabert

Now, you have basic knowledge about Wendy Chabert. However, there are some less-discovered facts you can learn about the popular social media influencer. Before we dig deeper into Wendy’s death case, let’s find out about these interesting facts in the following section:

  • Wendy shared a deep connection with her sisters, especially with Lacey.
  • She used to be a private person and didn’t share many details about her personal life.
  • Besides being an influencer, Wendy was a baker as well.
  • Wendy used to love wearing various accessories including rings, bracelets, and necklaces.
  • The popular Chabert sister was married to a YouTuber called Shane Riggo. However, she filed for a divorce in 2019 which reminded pending due to her sudden death.
  • Shane and Wendy had two sons together.
  • According to a source, Wendy Chabert’s net worth was between $400k to $600k at the time of her death.

Wendy Chabert Cause of Death

Everything was alright until Lacey broke the news of her elder sister’s demise. It was Lacey who uploaded a photo of her with Wendy on her official Instagram account breaking the devastating news. 

Other members of her family also shared memories with her. She was only 46 years old at the time of her death. There were some rumors about her death. According to some resources, it was an accident.

However, these rumors were completely wrong. Her family didn’t reveal the cause of her death. And there was no information on social media regarding this topic. So, it’s better to respect her family’s privacy. 

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Finally, you know what happened with Wendy Chabert. As it was very heartbreaking for her family, we should respect their decision not to reveal the cause of her death. So, if you find someone spreading rumors about Chabert’s demise, try to ignore them. Even though Wendy left her family early, she was an inspiration for many people, especially her little sister Lacey.


Q: When did Wendy Chabert pass away?

According to sources, Wendy Chabert passed away on November 2021. Later, her sister Lacey shared a heartbreaking post on her Instagram account breaking the news. 

Q: What happened to Wendy Chabert?

Even though Wendy passed away at the age of 46, the cause of her death remains a mystery. Her family hasn’t shared anything about it. So, we should respect their privacy.

Q: What was Wendy Chabert’s net worth?

As per some sources, Chabert’s net worth was around $400k to $600k at the time of her death. However, there was no clear information about her income sources as most people believed that she was an influencer and a part-time baker.

Q: How many siblings Wendy Chabert had?

Wendy has two sisters; Chrissy and Lacey and one brother named T.J. Lacey is a famous American actress while her other two siblings stay away from the public.

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