Indian Railways FNR Enquiry: The Easiest Way to Track Your Status

The Indian Railways is the lifeline of the country. From local places to long journeys, the railway is the most convenient transportation option. According to recent reports, the Indian Railways is the world’s fourth-largest national railway system with a route length of 68,043 km.

Besides this huge facility, the railway department provides different options for passengers. As the digital world is getting advanced, Indian Railways is using next-level technologies to improve services.

The FNR status plays a vital role in railways. It’s a way to keep everyone updated. Well, this status is mostly focused on Freight trains that bring around 60% of the income to the railway department.

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If you are ready to travel and want to check your FNR status, you have to follow a simple procedure. That’s why we will share a step-by-step guide in this blog. Moreover, we will also share some important information regarding the FNR enquiry. So, let’s get started.

About FOIS FNR Enquiry 

 FNR Enquiry

Before we start with the FNR enquiry procedure, we have to understand this system. Well, FNR stands for Freight Name Record. Freight Operations Information System (FOIS), the Indian government, and the Ministry of Railways launched this website for checking FNR status.

According to the official website, the Indian Railways carries around 1500 million tonnes every year. Most commodities carried by the Indian Railways are iron ore, coal, iron & steel, food grains, petroleum products, cement, and more. In simple words, around two-thirds of the revenue comes from freight trains.

The best part is you can check FNR status by using a dedicated website. As we noted before, the Ministry of Railways has an advanced website for status checking. Besides doing FNR enquiry, you can also use other features on this portal.

Top Features of FNR Enquiry

FOIS FNR Status is an essential website for Indian Railways. It’s the best way to get updates about goods. Well, you have to do a simple procedure to check the status. However, this portal has some excellent features. Keep reading the following section as we explore these features:

Internal Users: One of the best features of this portal is ‘Internal Users’. By using this option, you can check a lot of things including RMS zonal queries, RMS divisional queries, TMS zonal queries, FOIS dashboard, arch divisional, arch zonal, error sheet, web reports, referential file management system, and more.

Business Development Portal: Besides internal users, this portal also provides some excellent features for customers. In this case, we have to include the business development portal which is separately designed to provide all freight business-related updates. Besides this one, you can also use other mini-features including e-customer, e-demand, RAS-coal, RAS-iron ore, web claims, and more.

E-Learn: Another outstanding feature provided by FOIS FNR is E-Learn. You can learn user manuals, and webinars of FOIS modules by using this option. There are various visual demonstration videos available on this website regarding Rake Management System, SFOORTI, e-Demand Registration, Referential File Management System, and more. 

Updates: The best thing about this website is you can get all updates about Freight trains and the system. Visit the website to get more details.

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Advantages of Using FOIS FNR Portal

 FNR Enquiry

Why should you use the FOIS FNR portal? If this question is bugging you, let’s talk about the advantages of this portal. Sure, this website plays a huge role in railway transportation, but most people have no idea about the benefits of using it. Let’s find out:

  • When you use the portal, you can track the status of the goods by providing the FNR number.
  • Besides doing FNR enquiry, this website lets you check other updates including RMS divisional queries, RMS zonal queries, arch zonal, and more.
  • FOIS FNR provides a feature called E-Learn that can help you with various webinars and user manuals of FOIS Modules. 
  • FOIS FNR provides a separate portal for freight services. You can get freight business-related updates from this portal.

How to Check FNR Enquiry Status

 FNR Enquiry

Now, you have a clear idea about the FOIS FNR portal. If you want to check your FNR status, you have to go through a simple procedure. In the following section, we will share a step-by-step guide on how to check the FNR enquiry status. Let’s find out:

Step 1: First, open a web browser from your device. On the search bar, search for FOIS FNR website to start the process.

Step 2: After getting search results, click on the right link to open the homepage.

Step 3: Once you click on the link, the homepage will be opened. Now, you have to click on the ‘Customers’ option from the menu.

Step 4: Next, you have to scroll until you find the ‘Enquiry’ option. Here, you can find various sub-options, click on ‘FNR Enquiry’.

Step 5: A new page will be opened. Now, you have to enter your 11-digit FNR number to start the procedure.

Step 6: After entering the number, you have to solve a captcha. Next, click on the ‘Submit’ button to check the FNR enquiry status.

FNR Customer Support Team

As it’s a government website, you can face some issues while checking your FNR status. However, this portal has an excellent customer support team. You can either contact the web information manager directly or reach out to the operational control center which is available 24×7.

Send a mail to the web information manager via writetowim[at]cris[dot]org[dot]in. The web information manager is also available on the phone. You have to use 24104525 or 24106717 in this case. On the other hand, you can also fax the manager by using 26877893.

Or, contact the support team via phone call 26116439 and 24104525. If you are a user, you can call the support team by using 54804. The support team is quite helpful when it comes to providing accurate information. You can also contact them if there’s a technical issue while using this web portal.

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Finally, you have a clear idea about the FNR enquiry portal. You see, it’s quite easy to check the status when you follow the right steps. We also shared some basic information regarding this portal. So, if you have to check other things, this website is convenient. For more details, visit the official portal. 


Q: How to check FNR status?

If you want to check your FNR status, you have to visit the website and find the right option from the menu. Enter your FNR number before completing the captcha and clicking on the ‘Submit’ option.

Q: Does FOIS FNR have a smartphone app?

No, FOIS FNR doesn’t provide an app. However, the website is accessible from all devices and web browsers.

Q: What are the top features of FOIS FNR?

There are various features available on the FOIS FNR website. The best ones are the internal users section, E-Learn, the business development portal, and more.

Q: Is FOIS FNR a reliable website?

Yes, of course, FOIS FNR is a reliable website. As it’s a government site, you don’t have to worry about sharing personal information. Plus, the system doesn’t ask for any personal details when you check the FNR status. 

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