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Logging in to the admin portal of your WiFi opens the door to many settings and configurations that can help you get the best of your network. If you have never logged in to your WiFi’s admin dashboard, then you are missing out on something really interesting. If you are on Piso WiFi, then you must do it at least once to configure it to work accordingly.

In this post, we are going to tell you everything about pause time which is related to Piso WiFi, and you can use utilize the settings to increase the security and efficiency of your network. Even if you are searching the pause time app, you must read this post till the end as we’ve shared the steps to change various settings of the network.

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What Is Pause Time?

Every router company uses a unique IP address to allow their customers to access the admin dashboard. Similarly, if you are using LPB Piso WiFi, then you can visit to get into the admin portal of your network. The same portal will give you access to the “Pause Time” functionality, which is available only to Piso WiFi users.

By using this feature, you can pause the internet on your connection without actually switching off the entire router. Not only this, but the feature can be scheduled too. This means you can enable it for a specific time duration, and once the time is over, the internet will start working again. This comes in very handy as it saves data and increases security.

How To Log In To Piso WiFi Pause Time App?

The Piso WiFi app gives you the freedom to start using the service anytime, anywhere you want. The feature is available only in some regions around the world, so you might have to visit the IP address to find out if it works for you or not. If it is available, then you can follow the steps mentioned below to do IPB Piso WiFi time login:

  • First of all, open any web browser of your choice.
  • Then type in the Browser’s URL bar and press the ‘Enter’ key. Piso WiFi Pause Time
  • As you do this, you will see the login page.
  • On the login page, type the default username and password in the given fields. 
  • Once you have successfully entered the login details, then you can press the login button.
  • Wait for a few seconds until your request is processed, and you will be directed to the router’s admin panel.
  • Now you can begin modifying the pause time settings as per your choice.

What Is Admin Login?

Each device in a network is recognized with an assigned IP address. A public IP address is accessible to everyone on the web, while a local IP address is the one your router will reassign to every device connected to it.

The local IP address is not accessible to everyone on the web and simply to the devices associated with the router. One of the most well-known private IP addresses for corporate and business networks is, which can be assigned to any device in a local network within a given range.

This location is the default IP address of many broadband routers, including Cisco. Piso WiFi time admin login is the default login IP which is kept for modems or wireless routers. By typing in the URL bar of any of your browsers, you will get entry to the admin interface of your router.

How To Set Up Piso WiFi Pause Time?

If you know how to use the WiFi network’s admin portal, then you won’t need assistance in setting up the pause time on Piso WiFi. There are many guides and tutorials available, too, that teach how to set up pause time on routers. Though if you are new and don’t know how it works, then you can follow the steps mentioned below to set up the pause time –

  • Connect to the Piso wifi network you want to set the pause time on.
  • Then open your web browser and type in the URL box and press the ‘Enter’ Key.
piso wifi pause time
  • Enter the default login details and press login.
  • Once you are logged in, click on the time settings on the Left. Piso WiFi login
  • Mark off the box next to the pause time and enter the desired duration of the pause time in minutes.
  • Press on the Save button to reflect the changes.

NOTE: Though it is not required, you can restart your router to make changes. Router devices of some companies require a restart before they can make changes to their settings. We will recommend you use the official router application or read more about the device in its documentation to understand how it applies changes to its settings.

Common Problems When You Are Unable To Access 

When you try to open the admin dashboard of the connected network, it would generally open right away. No matter what device you are using, the admin panel can be accessed without any issues. Sometimes you might have issues accessing the IPB Piso WiFi pause time login. Here are a few different types of problems faced by Piso WiFi users around the world.

No Direct Connection – For safety and security purposes, most modems only can be used from a computer through the IP address, to which they are usually connected by a direct ethernet cable. Only a few routers let you change this, not all of them, and if you want, then you can get yourself an ethernet cable and try accessing the panel again.

Wrong IP address – Sometimes, even the experienced user makes the mistake of adding an incorrect IP address, because of which they are not able to connect. There are quite a few variants of the network available out there, and some routers have as their admin panel. So ensure you are typing the correct IP to access the admin panel.

Invalid Login Details – As we know, routers are secured by a unique password combo to prevent others from logging in. So if you enter the incorrect username and password, you won’t be able to connect to the stop time. By default, the username and password are both “admin” (without quotes), and if you have modified them, then you can reset them manually.

How To Change Piso WiFi Login Password

We have already told you how to change the wifi admin panel, stop time, pause time, and now it’s turn for the login password. If you have not modified it, then you can use the username and password printed on the back side of your router to log in. If you want to reset it, then you can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Make sure you’re connected to the wifi, then go to the Piso pause wifi web page.
  • A login window will open; enter your login details, like username and password. Piso WiFi login
  • Go to the gateway on the left menu, then click on connection and press on wifi.
  • Go to the private wifi network section. Here you will see your wifi network’s name.
  • Click on the edit option, and then in the WPA Key Section, enter the new password.
  • Click on the Save button, and your changes will be saved. Piso WiFi password reset

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Admin Settings Wi-Fi? is a confidential IP address used by router manufacturers as the default IP address to access the Admin Panel. It is a class A private IP address and is very much like some other stored private IP addresses; you can reach the login page of your private router control panel through 

This is one of the most common default IPs and is usually used for managing large systems and WiFi routers. Because this IP class is not directly associated with the web, information from an external source with a web association cannot be sent to this IP address. Rather, it is an interface between gadgets in a private network.

What Is Admin Device? is more common in business and corporate computer networks than in-house networks, where routers regularly use all things in the 192.168.x.x range, such as or However, at-home devices could have an IP address of, and it works very similarly to some others. In case the client’s device has an IP address in 10.0.0.x area, for example,, the router most likely uses the IP address

Can I Pause My Internet At Night?

Most routers have a setting that allows you to stop access to the internet at any time. If you want to do it, then you can go to your wireless router’s setup and switch off your internet connection from midnight to 6 in the morning. Time limits also avert hackers from being able to invade your network during that time frame.

How Do I Find My Password?

If you have not changed your password, try the default passwords provided on the back of the router. However, if you’ve forgotten your password and can open the router settings, think about resetting it to its factory settings. Beware, this will erase all custom settings, so use this option as a last expedient.

Final Words

Piso Wifi is a service provider which offers internet service at a low cost and is easily available. With the Piso WiFi Pause time feature and secure and effortless access through the 10.0.0..1 pause time portal, users can comfortably manage their internet usage and preserve money. If you haven’t used it, then you are missing out on something really helpful.

Always make sure to protect your wifi network and avert accessing delicate information on public wifi to save your data and privacy. We have tried to mention all the things related to piso wifi pause, and we hope now you know everything about it. There are different types of variants available for this IP address, like pause time, but we have mentioned the most popular one.

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